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Our Story

The essence of India encapsulated in The Indian Rose—a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. We passionately champion India's rich craft legacy, recognizing its global potential. Our vision is to showcase and elevate Indian artisans, making their intricate crafts accessible worldwide. Collaborating with diverse craft clusters across India, we aim to celebrate and promote the country's soul-stirring craftsmanship.
At The Indian Rose, we believe in the art of handcrafting, where each piece narrates a unique story. Our curated products boast fashionable designs while preserving India's heritage through exceptional craftsmanship. Empowering the skilled hands behind these masterpieces, we collaborate with craft clusters to bring their talents to a global stage. Every contemporary and luxurious design we offer carries the narrative and journey of the artisans who breathed life into it.
Our brand is a gateway to the timeless crafts of India, offering a luxurious blend of heritage and contemporary elegance.


women entrepreneurs

Meet Nikita and Payal, a mother-daughter duo. With unique skill sets, they joined forces to enhance their individual strengths and evolve into a stronger team. Bringing a decade of e-commerce expertise, Payal pairs seamlessly with Nikita, a NIFT Mumbai gold medal design graduate. After a brief stint as a corporate designer, Nikita chose to collaborate with Payal, driven by a shared vision to make a meaningful impact in the world through their collaborative work. They embark on a mission to showcase the soulful beauty of Indian craftsmanship to the world.



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